Lolwana, P, Rabe, E, Madiba, M, (2018) Who accesses adult education and where do they progress to? An exploratory tracer study in community education and training.

Author(s):  Lolwana, P, Rabe, E, Madiba, M
Publication year: 

The provision of adult education in South Africa has changed over time. In the 1970s it was meant to cater for the upgrading
of teachers, and the 1990s saw the provision of adult literacy programmes. In 2016, The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) established a community education and training (CET) institution to cater for the millions of adults and youths who were in need of further education but were not able to enter universities or technical and vocational education and training. This exploratory study is aimed at understanding adult learners, so as to establish a system that will deepen the institutional capacity of the CET colleges, as well as establish better and more effective policies for this sector. The study shows that South African CET students fit the profile of international community college enrolees. Building a credible CET college in the future will require continuous review of both general and skills programmes in order to make them acceptable parts of the whole school system, affording the students better career prospects. Since it is in society’s best interest to build a stronger workforce, governments and institutions should share the responsibility of the students’ success.

Type(s):  Report