Isdale, K, Reddy, V, Winnaar, L, Zuze, L.T, (2018) Exploring youth transitions: Five years of the South African Youth Panel Survey (SAYPS).

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that started in 2011 to explore educational transitions through and beyond school. The data is unique in having tracked learners originally in Grade 9 for five consecutive years, enabling a detailed look at individual pathways through the post-compulsory phase and offering an insight into early adult transitions. Our aim is to provide a detailed examination of educational pathways
and show a more complete picture of various transitions through the post-compulsory schooling phase (Grade 10 to 12), thereby leading to a more accurate reflection of grade repetition and the sticking points throughout this phase. One of the unique contributions of this report thus lies not only in our ability to track learners through school, but also to observe those who exit the education system.

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